Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Adulkt Life - Book Of Curses [What's Your Rupture? Promo]

Put on the circuit via What's Your Rupture? on November 6th, 2k20 is "Book Of Curses", the ten tracks and 25 minutes spanning debut album by the freshly formed quartet named Adulkt Life - and yes, this ain't a typo. Comprised of members of former band outfits Huggy Bear and Male Bonding we see the group provide a contemporary, yet well angsty and certainly tense as well as claustrophic take on wall-of-sound driven PunkRock infused by PostHardcore x PostGrunge with a dark greyscale attitude well comparable to what Tristesse Contemporaine did to PostPunk with their self-titled album on Dirty / Pschent back in 2012. A most remarkable standout tune on this one is the ultraviolent 144 seconds long "Stevie K" which also might resonate with fans of out-of-control SkateMetal whilst the subsequent "Room Context" seems to slighty gravitate towards to a crossbreed of overtly mad (No)Wave and highly complex, superapocalyptic MathGoth just to pick out two favorites here. Intense.


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