Monday, November 16, 2020

Christer Bothen - Ambrosia [Thanatosis Produktion Promo]

Scheduled for release via Swedish label Thanatosis Produktion on November 20th, 2k20 is "Ambrosia", the new and well massive 3CD box set album composed and created by Gothenburg-born artist Christer Bothen who is focusing on his love for the sounds of bass and contrass clarinet on this large scale longplayer. Comprised of four relatively shorter pieces on CD1 as well as the long form pieces "Zon" and "Ambrosia" exceeding the 35 and 20 minutes marks respectively, each placed on a separate sound carrier, we are experiencing Bothen, alongside fellow musicians in "Zon" but otherwise acting as a soloist, diving deep into what could be filed under the general flag of organic Deep Listening Music with a melancholia-infused Dark Ambient twist, providing large scale bass pulses alongside close up recordings of the inevitable air flow through the instruments body and tubes, fully embracing the physical and mechanical aspects tied to the action of playing, exploring a wide dynamic range from near silence to tender, partly also expressive swells alongside echoes of DarkJazz in "Seismology", weighing in tense, highly dramatic - and reverse? - air flows in "Nothing" before bordering on oftentimes shrieking FreeJazz in "It", the busiest and most intense composition to be found in part 1. Furthermore the multi-instrumentalist piece "Zon" opens with haunting ASMR whispers, layers hard, partly dissonant piano chords on top of droning clarinets, drifts off into, and out of, eerie brooding late night sequences and / or piercing high frequency musings whilst unfolding its innate complexity before the final "Ambrosia" weighs in large, ever shifting and mostly klaxon'esque sonic masses for a deeply moving, yet somewhat glacial and monumental closing and therefore turns out to be our personal favorite on this album for a reason.


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