Thursday, November 12, 2020

Reinhold Friedl - Krafft [Zeitkratzer Productions 027]

Released via Zeitkratzer Productions as the labels 027 on October 23rd, 2k20 is "Krafft", the latest album outing composed by Reinhold Friedl who sees his work being brought to life by the oftentimes avantgarde-focused Zeitkratzer ensemble alongside Paris-based chamber music group Ensemble 2E2M. Originally composed in 2016 and conducted by Pierre Roullier the roughly 33 minutes spanning piece is comprised of four untitled, yet interlocked parts / sets in which all instruments and their players follow a distinct rhythmic pattern in unison, introducing changes solely and slowly by the ever changing intensity of their performance and subtle variations in tone and combination of instruments within each individual rhythmic swell, coming at the listener like an overwhelming, unstoppable and glacially slow moving sonic avalanche, an unsettling, eerie blob of sound, a sentient powerful force of its own creeping up to and into the deepest levels of our consciousness like strange unnamed entities introduced in b- or c-list horror flics from decades ago. "Krafft" is too heavy and intense to be filed under the flag of Minimal Music, yet its compositional roots in Friedl's computer-based TTM / Textural Transformation Machine program do suggest that this album is set to be well received by genre enthusiasts as well as connaisseurs of avantgarde scores and similarly dark'ish, well spine-tingling musical works. Recommended.

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