Sunday, November 15, 2020

Domenique Dumont - People On Sunday [The Leaf Label Promo]

Put on the circuit via the long-standing imprint The Leaf Label on November 13th, 2k20 is Domenique Dumont's "People On Sunday", the elusive groups 40 minutes spanning take on creating a soundtrack for the 1930-shot silent film of the same title which was shot in Germany in a short peaceful in-between wars period. Created as a commissioned work for the French Les Arcs Film Festival 2019 we see the project embark on a journey into playful, cascading Ambient-leaning structures from the first moments of the crystalline, rich, yet stripped down opener "Arrival" onwards which fuses an approach immanent to (Neo)Classical miniatures with a timeless, hovering feel one oftentimes experienced in the nowadays well missed ChillOut rooms of early 90s raves and multi-floor club events. Following this train of compositional thought tunes like "Gone For A Wonder" provide 100% of genuinely innate friendliness, a piece like "We Almost Got Lost" gets deep into slightly organic and tender Tribal-infused ChillOut territories - think: TV Victor for those who know -  and so does the subsequent "Falling Asleep Under Pine Trees", the title track "People On Sundays" caters beautiful little etudes and the second to last cut "Back To Everyday Life" introduces a well suitable Synth motif alongside slightly Asian-influenced percussion for deep ruminant meditations just to name a few. An intricate little album, this. Go check.


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