Thursday, November 26, 2020

Geins't Nait & L. Petitgand - Like This Maybe Or This [Ici D'Ailleurs]

Put on the circuit via French record label Ici D'Ailleurs on November 13th, 2k20 is "Like This Or Maybe This", the new collaborational album crafted by the last remaining member of Geins't Nait, an Industrial-rooted project that can be traced back at least to the mid-80s, and French actor, vocalist, musician Laurent Petitgand. Together, the two artists provide an intense electronic journey from the very first moments of the opener "Shape Of Stories" onwards, a tune fusing epic Industrial Electronics with emotional atmospheres and thought provoking Spoken Word poetry whereas the follow up that is "Naga" presents deeply touching single piano tones alongside Japanese vocal samples and a fully fledged, orchestral and score'esque string section, "Hac" brings forth brooding, threatening shadows and twisted Industrial Bass Music infused by DarkJungle / Industrial Drum'n'Bass of sorts whereas "Chut" indulges in Slowcore Illbient and a general feel of impending doom and creeping vantablack terror even though layers of seemingly positive piano harmonies try to mask the imminent horrors. The subsequent "22" opens with an epic, spine-tingling synth motif leading into an atmospheric take on subdued late night Industrial, "Guido 10" once again harks back to the title bearing vocal sample first found in the albums opener before turning into a spine-tingling, somewhat angelic piece of Industrial PostStep for highly advanced dancefloors and humungous subterranean caverns, "Bago" brings back busy cinematic strings and minor scale pianos to a great, thrilling effect even before unleashing heavy beats and more sonic drama whilst "Pecno" causes havoc in every DarkRave / DoomRave scenario imaginable. With the advent of "Dustil" we're getting a bit of a beautiful break of, once again score'esque, Ambient work, "Liber" brings forth more of a twisted, playful, chromatic and futuristic Electronica / PostDubstep vibe before "37" even explores classic Synth territories - think: a super dark variation on "Zoolook" - and the final cut "Aphro" waves goodbye presenting a good portion of heartfelt piano melancholia for a closing. Excellent. Essential. Recommended.

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