Sunday, November 22, 2020

Namna - Namna [A Ena A Andra Promo]

Coming in via mail recently is "Namna", the first and self-titled album debut by Swedish duo Namna comprised of Jazz-harpist Stina Hellberg Agback alongside cellist Leo Svensson Sander who is also responsible for operating occasional synthesizers here. Put on the circuit via the new label A Ena A Andra on October 23rd, 2k20 the ten tracks on the duos firstling provide a roughly 38 minutes spanning glimpse into the sonic world the two artists are focusing on within their work, starting with the beautiful and heartfelt Nordic melancholia of the opener "Snäckvävar" and progressing into the pure, naturalistic elegies of the subsequent "My Och Vinden" which comes across as familiar and comforting as old ancient folk tales of sorts whereas pieces like "Amöbia" present a fascinatingly spiralling aesthetic which, in a way, emulates the swirling, ever cascading sonic sculptures created by early pioneers of large scale Synth composition, "Natten" dabbles with a deeply harmonic, crystalline Ambient x Electronica fusion, the stumbling, off kilter and off rhythm harp loops of "Göra Mönster" evoke pictures of a stuttering, glitched out formal folk dance of sorts whilst the final cut named "Till Den Lilla Räven" waves goodbye in a most peaceful and calming manner whilst even featuring the only appearance of human non-vocalisms way in the back of the compositions over all mix on this longplay piece just to pick a few tunes to provide a rough outline of what "Namna" by Namna is all about - being an album as tender and intimate as it gets.

Promo artwork on Instagram!


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