Friday, November 20, 2020

Jac Berrocal / David Fenech / Vincent Epplay - Exterior Lux [Klanggalerie]

Recently released via the long standing imprint Klanggalerie is "Exterior Lux", the latest album by Avantgarde Jazz staple and - amongst many other achievements - collaborateur of Steve Stapleton's Nurse With Wound, Jaki Liebezeit and Pascal Comelade Jac Berrocal who is teaming up with experimental electronic sound artists David Fenech and Vincent Epplay for this eleven tracks and 38 minutes spanning exploration within the sonic realm. Opening with the distinct, stripped down and expertly produced Electronica vs. (No)Wave / Ingenious Dilletantes / Coldwave banger "Going Nowhere" we're drawn straight to the center of neon-lit concrete dancefloors populated by the most freaky amongst the creatures of the night whereas the albums title track "Exterior Lux" provides a deeply haunted Jazz Noir / Future Jazz vibe in the most abstract and electronic of all senses. The subsequent "Walkabout" gravitates towards Industrial-informed experimental NuBeat, the "Wakhan Corridor" leads to a stripped down version of haunted late night Future Jazz and "Chiroptera" dabbles with Oriental PostPunk Dub vibes in a way slightly reminiscent of groups like the infamous C Cat Trance. Following up is "Vetiver", a well hypnotic ebb and flow led by ever swelling guitars and a haunted, avantgardistic vocal performance, "Officer" introduces a minimalistic, Tribal-informed and Dub-infused variation of PostPunk once again and "Fuis Le Feu" amalgamates Spoken Word abstractions, intense DesertBlues guitar variations and a digital Dub riddim well suitable for dark'ish Illbient sets to form a fascinating sonic melange. Furthermore "Legere Dentelle" introduces brittle female vocals to the late night DarkJazz / SpunkJazz equation, "No Guitar Today" even crosses over into - ofc - Jazz-infused and slightly off-kilter DubTechno realms for highly advanced dancefloors and the final cut "Je Me Suis Endormi" waves goodbye in a spine-tingling, post-apocalyptic Spoken Word manner for those who know. Highly recommended, this.

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