Saturday, November 07, 2020

THE D3VI7 - THE D3VI7s Mantra [Psychocandies 094]

Scheduled for release via the ever active Psychocandies label on November 26th, 2k20 is "THE D3VI7's Mantra", the new and forthcoming digital three track EP by rising and ever praised satanic Techno phenomenon known as THE D3VI7. Opening with "Mantra" we're quickly teleported into the strobe-lit heart of high energy uptempo Rave x HardTrance dancefloors where the hypnotic bassline action, spine-tingling hi-hats and quirky, amusing, yet totally alien vocal samples unfold their magic to the fullest whereas the subsequent "Randale" focuses on most brutal, distorted and hammering bassdrums alongside shrieking, psychoacoustic synth works to build a suitable tool for total mechanical, Gabba-bordering dancefloor destruction before the final cut "Sub Zero" weighs in another hefty portion of brutal militant Warcore Techno for a not-so-peaceful closing. Demonic. Evil. Dark.


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