Monday, November 09, 2020

Javier Hernando - Jardin Naufrago [La Olla Express 031]

Put out on the circuit via the Spanish label La Olla Express is "Jardin Naufrago", the latest full length album by long standing electronic music pioneer Javier Hernando who first stepped on the scene as a contributing member to outfits like Xeerox or Melodinamika Sensor back in the late 70s and early 80s. With this long history under his belt and a vast number of releases to his name Hernando caters a sonic menu comprised of eight new tracks stretched out over the course of 41 minutes, opening with the deeply psychedelic, spaced out and somewhat swampy Ambient / Synth tones of "Exorama" which are both paying homage to the original Cosmic genre in a (Neo)Cosmic fashion whilst paving the way for the subsequent "Port Radium" which turns out to be a way darker, brooding and post-apocalyptic piece of Electronica meets Industrial Space Synth for those who're able to take in a tense vibe these days. Furthermore "Entre Veredas" presents crystalline, slightly 80s production music leaning Ambient cascades, "Novilunar" sticks to the genre with beautifully polychromatic, yet slighty off-kilter and ever layered Ambient loops harking back to the genres early 90s heydays and "Vista Rasante" provides a dark, solemn contrast with its deeply felt melancholia and sadness, processed heli-sounds and overall feel of isolation later accompanied by plucked detuned strings as well as Aube'esque sound processing techniques. The follow up "Verdemar" will be sitting well with both lovers of PopAmbient as well as Japanese minimalism, "Noctiluca" turns out to be more of a subaquatic DarkAmbient experience and the end title "Octo Tornasolado" perfectly depicts and / or forecasts future Field Recordings captured on a strange alien planect once to found be found far into what is now known as deep space. Highly recommended, this.

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