Friday, November 06, 2020

Gianmaria Aprile - Rain, Ghosts, One Dog And Empty Woodland [We Insist! Records]

Released via We Insist! Records on October 23rd, 2k20 is the epically titled, 32 minutes spanning album "Rain, Ghosts, One Dog And Emtpy Woodland", the very first solo longplay outing for Italian composer Gianmaria Aprile whose excursion into the sonic world of guitar and the traditional Chinese string instrument named guqin in combination with electronic effects is split in eight subsequently named parts, spanning from eerie, slightly off-kilter (Un)Ambient atmospheres in conjunction with slow, deep organic bass tones in the opening cut that is "Part I", progressing further towards a twangy, somewhat drunk and ever so slowly shifting take on Post-DesertBlues in "Part III" whilst "Part IV" offers the deepest, most embracing sonic interpretation of blurred vastness and an inner state of desolation that hasn't turned into madness yet albeit being on the brink, close to a turning point from which there is not return. Furthermore "Part V" experiments with electric buzzes and what seems to be re-edited radio static and feedbacks on top of a foundation of droning subs, operating alongside beautiful hazy harmonies evoking memories of long gone projects like Aosuke whilst "Part VI" harks back to thrilling retrofuturism in sci-fi soundscapes with a darker twist, "Part VII" indulges in tense, siren'esque feedbacks and carefully plucked strings and the closing cut aptly named "Part VIII" waves goodbye in a peaceful and calming, more PopAmbient leaning manner. Defo one debut recommended for fans of the named genre alongside connaisseurs of deepest Post-PostRock and slightly twangy ChillOut for a reason. Check.

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