Thursday, January 28, 2021

Ethnomite Pux / Dr. NoiseM - Double Floppy Split EP [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Put on the circuit on December 24th, 2k20 as a limited edition of 10 - sic! - copies worldwide via the artist-run imprint that is Dr. NoiseM Tapes is the "Double Floppy Split EP",  a titlewise self-explanatory joint venture between the elusive Dr. NoiseM and James Cleeland a.k.a. Ethnomite Pux. Opening with Cleeland's "Floppy 1" on the first of two floppy disks the long-standing producer explores a dubbed out, collage'esque take on extremely flangered mid-range Noize featuring well eerie background layers of muffled, probably field recorded and surely haunted vocal bits which are about to sit well with a highly advanced Illbient audience whilst Dr. NoiseM's "Drop The Records" on the second floppy weighs in a 190 seconds lasting trip into feedback-heavy HarshNoize brutalism sporting some surprisingly harmonic, yet obviously twisted, sequences - at least as far as the genre goes.

Floppy artwork on Instagram!


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