Monday, January 11, 2021

Kaspar Agnas - Grain [Haphazard Music Promo]

Released via Stockholm-based imprint Haphazard Music on January 8th, 2k21 is "Grain", the new conceptual longplay album effort created and forged by young Swedish Jazz guitarist Kaspar Agnas. Focusing on an approach of slowly developing one single idea per track instead of being carried away by incoming waves of creativity the roughly 36 minutes spanning album opens with "Amnis (Creek's Dream Of Ocean)" which is a quite avantgarde-leaning combination of tectonic low end movements in conjunction with turbulent, disturbed and dissonant midrange guitar layers moving forward through a neverending, well intimidating and overwhelming crescendo of sorts followed by "1992", a similarly agitated take on Post-PostRock introducing an interesting contrast and interaction between softly struck foreground chords layered upon hectic, experimental mid-range guitar techniques as well as droning, slow moving sub pulses. The subsequent "Far Away, Closer" is a ruminant, repetitive study on semi-acoustic single and ever so slightly shifting double chord strikes which stands out as our favorite cut on this album due to its hypnotic, insular nature before "Mirrored Memories" finally layers a sequence of single chord strikes in a quite intricate way, causing the chords ever ringing reverbs to amalgamate in a beautifully hypnotic drone for a tender, fascinating and highly emotional closing. One to check out for all connaisseurs of PostRock, Post-PostRock and Abstract Shoegaze.


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