Thursday, January 14, 2021

Nicholas Bussmann - The News Trilogy & Revolution Songs In An AI Environment [T--p Records 002 Promo]

Another highly conceptual and recently released album thought out by Nicholas Bussmann is "The News Trilogy & Revolution Songs In An AI Environment" which has been put out on the circuit by Austrian label T--p Records these days. Split in two parts the first two cuts - "Shanghai News Choir Sing The News Blues" as well as "Cottbusser Chor Sing The News Trilogy" - see a multi-tongued set of singers singing and performing various news snippets in their respective languages, in parts simultaneously which turns otherwise clear and unambiguous information bits into a data stream hard to grasp and decipher whereas the second half dubbed "Revolution Songs In An AI Environment" is comprised of seven piano pieces performed, written and conceptualized for robot controlled grand piano in a greater exhibition context which surely are about to draw the attention of a Modern Classical / Contemporary Classical audience to this album due to the highly dramatic movents of pieces like "1970" or the lighter, more playful and dynamic attitude of the subsequent "1978". Avantgarde music for those who know.


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