Saturday, January 16, 2021

Rendered - Stonecoldsoul [Audiophob 034]

Put on the circuit via Jena-based imprint Audiophob on November 27th, 2k20 is "Stonecoldsoul", the first full length album project realized by the duo named Rendered which is comprised of Clement Perez and Daniel Myer. With previous releases on labels like Fleisch, Omen Recordings or the famed Aufnahme + Wiedergabe expectations are high for the longplay format spanning a total of eleven tracks and 66 minutes runtime which is - apart from the previously unreleased cuts "Newwave" and the aptly named closing tune "Theendoftheworld"- in fact more of an aggregation or roundup compiling a selection of Rendered's musical outings previously only available on limited vinyl editions. This said, especially "Newwave" takes things to a next level when it comes to bleak and soul-crushing Industrial Desolation Techno for dystopian, post-apocalyptic zombie raves, "Holeinthehead" provides a relentless tool for fast mixing DJ's and their hypermedicated, black-clad crowds marching forward for days on end whilst cuts like the title track "Stonecoldsoul" or "Thedestroyerofallbeauty" are the DarkRave soundtrack for hedonistic nights out in venues like Berghain or Tresor and the "Girlscoutinacoma" dreams of dancing in the ruins of shattered cities to eerie futurist RoboPhonk and precisely hitting, Industrial-informed Techno drums. Heavy electronic music. Not for the weak-heartened.

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