Friday, January 15, 2021

Shohei Amimori - Ex.Life [Noble Label 229 Promo]

Scheduled for release via Noble Label as their 229 on January 22nd, 2k21 is "Ex.Life", the second full length album created by Japanese producer Shohei Amimori for the imprint. Being the versatile producer that he is Amimori has employed quite a variety of styles and musical approaches throughout his career in experimentalism and full on Pop music as well as within the field of Production Music for brand advertisements whilst settling on an angle of minimalist piano melodies in conjunction with Future Pop informed electronic backings and kitsch-dripping romanticism paired with hints of Easy Listening-leaning, warm and comforting melancholia alongside an innate, sometimes playful, friendliness for the majority of the fourteen tracks on this longplayer, weighing in bits of Space Exotica in tunes like "c4jet", diving into droning, spaced out Ambient floatations in "Slow Up" which could turn into a Mixmaster Morris' favorite before "Scanning Earth" provides echoes and memories of electronic cowboy twang - think The KLF's masterpiece "ChillOut" here for a reference -, "Yarn Phone" dabbles with a more Berlin School kinda vibe for less than three minutes and "Impakt" takes us back to late 90s / early 2000s Electronica dancefloors whilst adding a bit of jazzed out madness to the mix just to pick a few. Yet there's one exception from this mostly harmonic focus which is the "Non-Auditory Composition No. 0", a study in a new compository technique developed by the artist as a way to create music whilst 'the performer must perform without hearing his/here own sound' - a basic rule in this technique which, however this was achieved, results in totally tripped out Space Dub modulations and a twangy, Psychedelia-induced variation of what the BBC Radiophonic Workshop once achieved in the early days of experimental electronic music cut-up composition and therefore turns out to be our favorite and most beloved piece on "Ex.Life" for a reason.


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