Wednesday, February 10, 2021

2020 - 1 [2020 Records Promo]

Another well mysterious album release popping up on the digital circuit these days is "1", a 70+ minutes lasting ten track album by 2020 on the obviously artist run label 2020 Records. Opening with "Acid Blues" we're drawn into a world of highly psychedelic, plunderphonic resembling Acid cut-up collage techniques whilst the "Alien Mind Teleportation" device runs on beautifully floating, retrofuturist Ambient drones, "Brain Music 1" provides an extended take on brittle, score'esque and most of all psychoacoustic Sci-Fi Ambient for all fans of b-movie flics and "Cardiac" explores a somewhat percussive, resonating and spaced out Synth / (Neo)Cosmic realm for a change. The albums main piece, the 29 minutes spanning "Chemical Waste", indulges in a glacially moving, well icy Ambient / Deep Listening Music vision before "Das Erwachen" caters more of a claustrophobic, brooding and somewhat nightmare-inducing Cold Ambient vibe and "Hologramm" brings forth hostile, cold and deadly Death Ambient featuring signature respiratory vibes which evoke memories of Dr. NoiseM's 'The CDr A-B-C...' series released several years ago. Furthermore "Lockdown" gets back to retrofuturism and buzzing, scientific electrical drones as well as intense dynamic eruptions whereas "The Creature Is Here" deals with ancient demons creeping up from vantablack caverns hidden within the hollow earth where they've been deep-sleeping from before the beginning of time and the final, concluding cut named "The Wave" waves goodbye in a most intense fashion, overwhelming our senses with 41 seconds of feedback Noize for a closing.


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