Thursday, February 04, 2021

Hotel Neon - Moments [Sound In Silence 078]

Coming in from the offices of the Greek Sound In Silence label only recently was "Moments", the December 14th, 2k20 released album created by American Ambient trio Hotel Neon, their sixth longplayer overall and a label debut for the group originally formed in 2k13. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies the 36 minutes spanning album weighs in a total of seven tracks with each named after a specific day of the year - read: "Nov 2" / "Oct 11" / "Nov 3" / "Oct 12" / "Oct 13" / "Oct 12 No 2" / "Sep 14" - and probably marking the day of each cuts original recording the musical triumvirate ventures off into dense, atmospheric Ambient territories from the get-go, exploring a world of thick, hazy and mostly autumnal, inward-looking textures built from tender swells, carefully manipulated bass drones, washed out melodies as well as a somewhat timeless - or time-defying - Ambient Shoegaze attitude which reaches a most beautiful height in the brittle, yet all embracing "Nov 3" whereas the follow up "Oct 12" indulges in surface noise covered vintage melancholia noir and "Oct 12 No 2" provides a warm, comforting blanket of sound throughout icy winter nights just to name a few. Top drawer for all real Ambient heads.


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