Friday, February 05, 2021

Die Zucht - Heimatlied [Major Label]

Coming at us with with not only one of the best German band names as well as album titles of recent times is the ever active Major Label-imprint which released "Heimatlied" by former GDR / East German-based underground Punk x PostPunk band Die Zucht on November 27th, 2k20. The band, which wasn't allowed to perform under this name under the socialist regime of the early 80s and therefore decided to re-brand as Die Art in 1985, recorded their quasi album debut as Die Zucht a mere 36 years after their initial formation and managed to complete their eleven track firstling despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic hit shortly after recording and production had begun in early 2019. And what a late debut this is, sporting cuts like the super intense, dystopian "Schutt Und Asche" or the leaden, greyscale Metal / Rock crossover anthem "Chrome" whilst the rhythmically intense title cut "Zucht Und Ordnung" keeps the creatures of the night busy on every Wave, Goth and even Batcave dancefloor around in paying homage to dancefloor classics like "She's In Parties" and referencing the former West German terror group RAF / Rote Armee Fraktion. The dramatic follow up "Irrlichter" sounds strangely familiar in its highly successful approach of pulling influences from a variety of large scale 80s classics even though it has never been published before or attempts to directly cover / copycat any of those at any point, "Himmelblauer Reiter" is the musically most Punk-infused cut on the album even though Die Zucht's distinct, obviously UK-inspired, slightly abstract approach to lyrics and songwriting - think: The Fall or The Cult here for most prominent references - somewhat contradicts the straightforward energy of the song, "Manche Tage" seems to pay homage to bands like Fehlfarben in terms of German lyricism, both "Abwärts" and "Nameless Song" are on a high octane Sisters Of Mercy-infused tip vibewise before "Im Spiegel Meiner Träume" adds some silver lining and lightheartedness, at least musically, to a more Wave-leaning closing which is about to resonate well with fans of The Cure for a reason, especially for its dark, yet shimmering melodies. Highly recommended.

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