Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Julian Ross - Fadeaway [Sound In Silence 079]

Released via the Athens / Greece-based imprint Sound In Silence on December 14th, 2k20 is "Fadeaway", the second full length album project by Ambient / PostRock duo Julian Ross and their first album for the label. Originally formed in 2016 the duo presents their latest outing as a 35 minute five track set with the individual track names in succession forming the sentence "Till Death Do Us Part" which is a nice play on words for sure. Musically the groups members Ettore Di Roberto and Andrea Comotto embark on what is most likely is the strangest journey into a musical subset we've seen on the Sound In Silence label so far, a meandering, slightly muffled combination - not: amalgamation - of greycale Ambient atmospheres, various Field Recordings and somewhat erratic, disoriented semi-acoustic Post-PostRock textures in conjunction with highly dynamic, and in parts overly emphasized, low end pulse movements and hollow fragments of beats whilst the final concluding cut "Part" in itself is only the sparse, stripped down skeletal remainder of a full on composition itself. An album pretty much out of phase with the mostly soothing, comforting rest of the labels catalogue and probably the first glimpse on a new genre yet to be identified as Depression PostRock for lost, restless souls aimlessly wandering through a world of virus-induced hyperisolation. Works better on headphones, though.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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