Wednesday, February 03, 2021

The Touchables - Svart / Hvitt [Conrad Sound]

Put on the circuit via Oslo / Norway-based imprint Conrad Sound on December 4th, 2k20 is "Svart / Hvitt", the sophomore album effort created by the multi-membered group named The Touchables which includes a plethora of artists from the countries Jazz and Contemporary Music scene with at least one of its members - Martin Taxt - being a household name to readers of these pages for his deep explorations of microtonal tuba performances. Split in four subsequently numbered, unnamed parts and stretched over the course of 52 minutes the project, founded as a sort of chamber orchestra focusing on playing less recognized instruments, explores an intense, low end-centric, brooding and surely well unsettling maelstrom of sound created from a pool of sound sources including octobass, double bass, flute, bassoon, bass trombone, piccoletto violin and many more, partly accompanied by thundering drum hits and other intense, well ominous dynamic events, partly by - or even solely comprised of - scrapings and movements caused by the sole handling of the instruments alone whilst other sequences resemble the sound of WWII stuka attacks and shrieking anti-aircraft sirens, sometimes disappear into the deepest, most haunted and only barely audible regions of the sonic spectrum like a hyper-atmospheric, highly intense score for outerworldy, metaphysical horrors yet to appear in this human reality or even provide a dark'ish, slowly meandering stream of Drone Ambient goodness. There's quite a lot going on within The Touchables' first ever commissioned piece "Svart Hvitt" which is dating back to the year 2k15 in its original form. Deep Listening Music for today's Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical informed avantgarde.

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