Monday, February 22, 2021

Magneto - Requiem Pour Satana [Gusstaff Records]

Lined up for release via the Poland-based imprint Gusstaff Records on March 5th, 2k21 is "Requiem Pour Satana", the latest longplay outing cooked up by the Polish instrumental trio that is Magneto. Formed by members well versed in Jazz, Improvisation and other kinds of contemporary music Magneto caters an eight tracks and 48 minutes spanning musical offering which immediately speaks to fans of Americana and twangy Desert Rock from the very first notes of the opener "Pama Rum Kwan" whereas "Temptation Of Stingray" indulges in soft, tender and inward looking PostRock for hot and lazy summer sunday afternoons, the title track "Requiem Pour Satan" provides another great, stripped down, tense and well score'esque take on slightly Morricone'esque DesertRock for pre high noon shoot-out situations, "Henryk Hula" explores upper class Easy Listening lounge grooves and the second to last cut "Danse Exotique D'un Amant Timide" weighs in off-kilter guitars and lively, well fever'ish tribal drums for ecstatic late night heat just to pick a few favorites here. Great stuff.


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