Sunday, February 21, 2021

Thomas Buckner / Randi Pontoppidan - Voicescapes [Chant Records]

Released via Chant Records on January 22nd, 2k21 is "Voicescapes", the new ten track collaboration album created by Danish vocalist Randi Pontoppidan and long time standing improvised music ambassador Thomas Buckner who's left a hefty mark on the circuit he worked in for over 50 years now. Perceived solely from live vocals and realtime electronic processing the 47 minutes spanning longplay piece presents an highly avantgarde-leaning array of spontaneous compositions covering a spectrum from tender, intimate layers of solemn nonvocalisms, partly even gravitating towards the realms of Modern Classical / Contemporary Opera whilst other sequences take guttural explosions and fractured syllables as well as half-phonemes to their very extremes, beyond for some even. Others - like the opener "Greeting" - fell victim to radical electronic fragmentations and processing, probably commited through programming environments like Max/MSP whilst pieces like "Evening" serve Pontoppidan's classically trained vocal improvisations along deep, nightly and sub-focused Ambient / DarkAmbient waves and pulses to create a beautiful, solemn yet still highly demanding piece of music which is amongst the most accessible cuts on "Voicescapes" - an album which most likely will speak to an audience of well experienced listeners only.

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