Thursday, February 25, 2021

Møster - Dust Breathing [Hubro Music]

A fresh addition to the catalogue of the Norwegian label Hubro Music is "Dust Breathing", the fifth overall album outing the four-piece project created since their longplay firstling in 2013 and also the fifth consecutive album Møster releases on the label which has proven to be the place to be for a wide variety of Nordic Jazz artists and beyond. But Møster is way more than just another Jazz-infused outfit, especially with guitarist Hans Magnus Ryan being a founding member of Motorpsycho and having worked closely with Deathprod whilst all other members including former band leader Kjetil Møster being invlvd in a gazillion of other projects and sonic musings as well. This said, the music of Møster is way beyond and way more than just Jazz with the epic, nearly 14 minutes spanning opener "The Bonfire, The Sun" meandering in between krautsy, hypnotic and somewhat trance-inducing territories - think: the effects of Nordic war chants and hums here - and furious PostRock / PostMetal / MathJazz territories of sorts whereas "Waistful Tendencies" explodes into a full on instrumental Jazzabilly / high octane Garage Jazz fest sporting heavy riffing, whipping drums and a well hounded, over the top attitude whilst "Ausculptation" seems to function as a counterpart with its long elegic notes, subdued drums and relaxed, yet still experimental and slightly psychedelic late summer evening sunset attitude. Furthermore we see a triple set of tunes, "Organ Of Bodies I - III", weighing in a musical range from dreamy Ambient-leaning guitar / feedback drones to dense, slightly psychedelic Rock / Jazz / Improv fusion cuts as well as Heavy Rock / Metal for a second part of this longplay piece which defo is far out considering the, already well diverse, majority of releases put out on the circuit via Hubro Music.

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