Thursday, March 11, 2021

Chuck Johnson - The Cinder Grove [Glitterbeat Records]

Released via Glitterbeat Records on February 12th, 2k21 is "The Cinder Grove", the latest five track album outing created by Oakland, California-based artist Chuck Johnson. With his music described as 'Ambient Country' by magazines like The Guardian Johnson brings forth an unlikely amalgamation of pedal steel guitar, synthesizers, electronic organ and digital DAW treatments, accompanied by contributions of several guest musicians, resulting in a twangy, yet comforting and well washed out sonic realm from the first moments of the opening piece that is "Raz-De-Mare" onwards, a floating, hovering cloud of sound slowly meandering through a dimension beyond a linear progression of time, touching base with both Ambient and Instrumental Post-PostCountry, drawing influences from echoes of echoes of echoes of Shoegaze, introducing warm, all embracing bass pulses and supersoft pads in "Serotiny" whilst the "Red Branch Bell" adds several panoramic layers of string instruments to the equation to an emotionally touching, melancholia-infusing effect. A well balanced sonic padding for ChillOut floors and Balearic settings around the globe, preferrably steered and guided by artists and DJs like Mixmaster Morris on the decks.

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