Monday, March 08, 2021

Warped Dreamer - Live At Bimhuis [Consouling Sounds]

Released via the Belgium-based imprint Consouling Sounds on February 26th, 2k21 is "Live At Bimhuis", the new live album put on the circuit by Warped Dreamer - a four piece outing comprised of its members that are Arve Henriksen, Teun Verbruggen, Jozef Dumoulin and Stian Westerhus. Covering a 40 minutes performance at Amsterdam's legendary Bimhuis venue actually recorded back in June of 2016 we see the four musicians, 50% originating from Belgium whilst their counterparts being renowned names in the Jazz / Improv scene of Norway, on a highly explorative tip, pairing their long-standing experience in Jazz with a variety of electronic morphings and instruments, offering an intense ride from the deep, somewhat desert'esque and score-worthy opening tune "Ixwele" onwards to the slightly TexMex-leaning, polyrhythmic and highly detailed follow up "Golden Geek Award" with its ever brooding, tectonic low end whilst "Lights Out - Darkness" seems to focus even more on Industrial Ambient, intense sound shiftings and dystopian, post-apocalyptic darkness whilst building up towards a noisy, well overwhelming climax and therefore is our favorite cut on this album for a reason. Furthermore "Umgaba" provides free, improvised and clattering rhythm signatures in combination with brutalist, vantablack sci-fi atmospheres and echoes of claustrophobic DarkAmbient soundscapes originating from the depths of hell whereas the final cut that is "Camphor Bush" waves goodbye on a calm, more Ambient leaning tip whilst prominently featuring twanging electric guitars for, slightly romantic, late night relaxation. Highly recommended, this.

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