Sunday, March 21, 2021

Territoire - Etude De La Profondeur [Humo Internacional 026]

Scheduled for release on March 26th, 2k21 via Humo Internacional is "Etude De La Profondeur", the new and upcoming musical outing by French composer Olivier Arson who's once again employing his artistic nom de guerre Territoire for this one. With a total runtime of roughly 27 minutes and spanning two extended tracks only and therefore being more on the EP side of things this Territoire release explores the nature of objects falling through a vertical structure with physical data of these indivual falls translated into a graphical score and being fed into an array of granular synthesizers afterwards, a highly conceptual approach which finally results in a brooding, claustrophobic arrangement of granular, electrical buzzes in combination with cold, hostile athmospheres, heavily shifting sonic masses, shrieking Noize and an overall futuristic, Industrial Ambient-leaning feel, a soundtrack for doomed, post-apocalyptic ruins, sparsely lit by occasional bursts of flying sparks erupting from damaged powerlines and their unstable currents, interrupting the shades in which creepy survivors, dark deformities and unseen horrors from the underworld are pursuing whatever their shady, undisclosed business is all about. This is intense and defo not for the weak-heartened.

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