Thursday, October 04, 2018

Merope - Naktes [Granvat 016]

Released via the Belgian imprint Granvat on August 24th, 2k18 is "Naktes", the third album by the ever fluctuating band outfit Merope which - for this longplayer - consists of members Indre Jurgeleviciute from Lithuania, label co-founder Bert Cools from Belgium and Frenchman Jean Christophe Bonnafous. Bringing on eight new tracks the trio caters new interpretations and angles on traditional Folk songs from Lithuania, presenting them in a tender, most naturalistic way like the opener "Ganiau" which seems to have full on innocence written over it in any possible way with its beautiful guitars, vocals and flute melodies whilst the follow up "Sniegas" weighs in beautiful Ambient pads and "Seng Ge" comes in as an instrumental composition fusing Indietronica with Oval'esque crackles and dense, multilayered atmospheres for lovers of the early Morr Music-imprint. "Rototo" harks back to rhythmic, yet non-percussive Folk naturalisms, "Arklys" goes deep into slightly ballad'esque realms with what seems like an Asian touch of sorts whilst "Mirra" presents itself as an scintillating, shimmering chromatic piece of Ambient purism. Finally the title track "Naktes" evokes memories of dew-covered meadows and winding, untouched rivers before "Li" closes on a instrumental, flute-induced waves of pure enchanted folkloristic beauty. Highly recommended!

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