Saturday, March 20, 2021

Bad Uok - Lateless [Trouble In The East Records 021]

Coming in via mail courtesy of Italian drummer Andrea Grillini only recently is "Lateless", the December 2k20 released sophomore album by Bad Uok, an all Italian quartet comprised of named Andrea Grillini alongside Andrea Cali, Leonardo Rizzi and Federico Pierantoni combining their musical weapons of choice - drums, piano, fender rhodes and trombone - to carve out and sculpt a new six track outing for all Jazz - and, partially, JazzFunk - connaisseurs out there. With all six pieces recorded a mere five years before they were released we see tunes like "105 Pt.3" building up from carefully arranged, yet stripped down opening sequences to a dramatic, fully fledged swing and heavy drum action whereas "Linea (First Approach)" provides more of a classical late night approach despite being based on a foundation of quite complex, fast paced and stumbling rhythm signatures, the title cut "Lateless" caters classy and tender piano movements before taking us out for a proper selected sip of bourbon and the final piece "Ein Glücklicher Zufall" provides a blueprint for deepest late night (Bar)Jazz in 2k21 for a closing just to name a few. Deep.


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