Friday, February 26, 2021

Bill Thompson - Ocean Into Light [Burning Harpsichord Records 006]

Fresh on the Burning Harpsichord Records imprint as their 006 is Bill Thompson's new one track album named "Ocean Into Light". Released on February 12th, 2k21 the roughly 52 minutes long composition to be found on Thompson's latest outing follows along the lines of the artists previous works in terms of employing a foundation of long, droney and sustained tones which are combined with ever moving, somewhat reversed sounding rhythmic fragments and surprisingly tense - and dense... - layers of screaming, screeching digital feedback eruptions and distorted sound warping which, at times, are bordering pure braincell crushing Noize bursts emerging from what is a mostly hypnotic, yet somewhat unsettling stream of soothing UnAmbient further progressing into deep minimalist Drone movements partly accompanied by slightly electrical undertones and buzzing microvibratos perfectly reflecting on the neverending stream of digital data holding together the world and global economic network of today's society as well as REM phase inducing Deep Listening Music over the course of the albums entire runtime. This is quite a trip.


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