Friday, February 26, 2021

Eric Random - No-Go [Klanggalerie 347]

Released on December 18th, 2k20 via the ever active Klanggalerie label is "No-Go", the latest eleven tracks and 48 minutes spanning album outing by Eric Random which, just as a side note, comes at us with the most fascinating and most thought out album artwork we've seen in a long time. Influenced by and invlvd in the growing PostPunk and electronic scene of both Manchester and Sheffield from the late 70s onwards with an organically grown network reaching from the founding fathers of Cabaret Voltaire to playing with musicians as different as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Nico we see Eric Random diving deep into the electronic realm on his third album after his 2014 comeback following an extended break, opening with the slightly Kraftwerk'esque Electro cut that is "Synergy" which amalgamates retrofuturist synth harmonies and harmonizer / vocoder vocals with a contemporary dancefloor approach whilst the subsequent "Compulsion" weighs in a washed out and haunted SynthPop vibe with a deep, melancholic dancefloor twist and well recognizable echoes of Bleeps And Clonks present in the tunes production. With "Is The Sun Up" we see Eric Random provide clear references to the early days of UK Techno and its more Industrial leaning pioneers like CV whilst providing a touching, well emotional breakdown for the dancefloor crowd, "Dirt" indulges in Electro powered by raw, ever spiralling bass synths and warped otherworldly vocals before a track like "Fundamental Phenoma" clearly is inspired by the infant days of Detroit Techno and earliest productions by Cybotron vibewise, "The Familiar" caters a more modernist take on dancefloor functional ElectroPop / TechnoPop and the "Sinuous Seduction" weighs in a ton of proper Phonk vibes essential for every true Electro connaisseur out there. Furthermore "It's Come Again" harks back to a highly seductive, somewhat hormone-driven and super sexy Kraftwerk-vibe for lovers, "No-Show" pairs a screaming, muscular, ever modulating AcidHouse / BleepTechno foundation with more classic 80s vocal greatness whereas the obvious question "What Does It Feel Like" is answered by fast paced, high octane Electro-/ MinimalWave for ecstatic late night dancefloors and the final cut named "Acetylene Dream Pt. II" weighs in the most powerful Acid / Techno leaning production on this longplay piece for an epic closing. This one is essential and therefore a must. Nuff said.

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