Saturday, March 13, 2021

Sascha Müller - Red Giant EP [Fresscode Records 009 Promo]

Scheduled for release via Fresscode Records this month - a.k.a. March, 2k21 - is the "Red Giant EP", the next digital single crafted by Uelsen's finest Sascha Müller. With the title track "Red Giant" the German producer explores a hard, lo-fi and slightly distorted TribalTechno realm somewhat reminiscent of Fabrice Lig's legendary "Interwaves E.P." put on the circuit back in 1994, "Savage" caters a flogging and relentless take on hypermonotonous, yet highly rave stab-infused ToolTechno which would've been associated with the Force Inc.-camp throughout the 90s whereas the "Secret Drop" gets down and dirty in terms of hypnotic, spiralling, stripped down and clap heavy HypnoTech ever building up towards an intense crescendo that never provides full relief but fully relies on the next tune in the set to do so. The likes of Daniel Bell, John Acquaviva and Richie Hawtin would've loved "Secret Drop" back in the golden days, we think.


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