Saturday, March 13, 2021

User55886799000 - Raver EP [User Recordings 027 Promo]

A more recent release put out on the digital circuit via User Recordings is the "Raver EP", the latest two track outing crafted and shaped by the User55886799000. Opening with "I'm A Raver Baby *True Oldschool Mix" we see the elusive artist on a Happy Rave / Happy Breakbeat-induced tip for lovers of producers like Q-Bass or labels like Pengo, Rabbit City Records and the likes of before the subsequent follow up that is "Untitled 12-1" focuses on relentless and hyperbrutalist, well distorted Acid madness for the sickest, most underground squat raves in the history of electronic music, catering a hefty crescendo for mass braincell extinction.


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