Friday, April 16, 2021

Barbara Ellison - Cybersongs [Unsounds 067]

Released via the ever active Unsounds label as their 067 on March 15th, 2k21 is "Cybersongs", the latest album outing created by composer x conceptualist Barbara Ellison and her new approach on transhuman vocalization, voice avatars as well as the use of TTS / text-to-speech synthesis within a musical context. Defined by the artist as a 'transhuman song cycle for human-like computer voices' the longplay piece in itself is comprised of thirteen tracks - varying in length from under 2 to up to 16 minutes of total playtime each, presenting an intense array of un-songs, eerie, hyper abstract and indecipherable sequences of cut up, digitally created syllables in various accents and somewhat familiar sounding transmissions, yet utterly non-sensical and probably not even belonging to an existing language, various vocal implementations speaking in tongues or uttering full-on gibberish, communication attempts launched by beings from a cyberworld, all accompanied by even more alien - or alienating - electronic backings including bits of Cold Ambient, a gallopping and somewhat TribeTekno-reminiscent sequence in "Periodemesh", slightly unnerving, piano-driven CyberJazz loops in "Knullaleague" or swampy, spine-tingling atmospheres evoking pictures of hostile, alien exoplanets covered in acidic mists, solemn IDM / ChillOut structures, brooding, thundering (Neo)Classical loops, Plunderphonics-references and more musical greatness. 100% computer generated Avantgarde Music. A fascinating and highly recommended trip into a cold, cyberdelic world, yet not an easy ride for the faint hearted. Get.

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