Tuesday, April 13, 2021

J/L Duo featuring Adrian Knight & Frew Elfineh Taha - Ismalfa [Thanatosis Produktion Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the highly experimental imprint Thanatosis Produktion on April 9th, 2k21 is "Ismalfa", the new eight track album outing catered by Johan Jutterström and Andreas Hiroui Larsson under their shared conjunctional moniker that is J/L Duo, collaborating with composer and piano player Adrian Knight on the first four tracks of the album whilst working with Spoken Word artist Frew Elfineh Taha on two others as well as contributing two single duo tracks, fully focusing on their instruments of choice - drums, cymbals and saxophones. Roughly operating under and pushing forward the rough premises of acoustic Jazz / Improv we see the J/L Duo providing the most organic, probably most comforting and - speaking in mainstream terms here - relatable, most musical album released on the label so far, proving a sense of decency and nightliness in their classy, ever meandering musical improvisations which are, overall, wandering a path of musicality and harmonic interaction, spinning a masterfully woven, ever evolving sonic web following unspoken, yet commonly agreed upon rules with none of the members ever trying to break out or go to full on extremes which is quite a rare feature to be found in FreeJazz / Improv albums these days. One for the real genre connaisseurs, this.


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