Sunday, April 11, 2021

Ground 71 - Ground 71 [AMP Music & Records 075]

Released via Norwegian imprint AMP Music & Records on September 25th, 2k20 is "Ground 71", the self-titled album debut by Ground 71, a trio of Italian descent consisting of Giampiero Locatelli, Stefano Dallaporta and, once again, Andrea Grillini on drums. Recorded in late October, 2k19 the seven tracks and roughly 59 minutes spanning album sees the three musicians on a journey into deep, nightly, noir'esque Jazz territories, following complex, ever meandering and mostly piano- and rhodes-led lines in each of their well-extended pieces of which the longest even comes close to the 11 minutes mark. This said, Ground 71 are catering a well timeless, mostly intimate and - despite its innate deepness - softly swinging firstling that surely is about to resonate with fans of classic Jazz and FutureJazz alike due to its intricate structures and interweaving sonic storylines, all masterfully arranged as well as mixed and recorded with a sense of intimacy that's unmatched and hardly to be found even in albums of this specific genre these days. Recommended favorites on here: "Personal Highway" and "One Second And A Lifetime". Check!

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