Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Jazzfakers - Little Water Radio Recordings [Alrealon Musique 096 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the highly eclectic imprint that is Alrealon Musique on March 15th, 2k21 is "Little Water Radio Recordings", the latest nine track album by the notorious, ever active band outift known as The Jazzfakers. Recorded live in June, 2k16 at New York's now defunct live venue Little Water Radio the 58 minutes and 58 seconds spanning selection of tracks sees The Jazzfakers on an explorative, multi-layered and multi-faceted journey, once again operating along the blurred lines of what can be described as advanced / elevated Jazz, pairing sluggish, desolate and strangely delayed greyscale rhythm signatures with longing, later ecstatic sax lines in the opening piece "Five Dashes I Say Once Again" whilst cuts like "Voice Rapid Dots Irdial" incorporate eerie electronics alongside subdued but rattling drums and what seem to be echoes of highly abstract Funk licks to a hard to grasp, yet well fascinating effect, "NNN" brings forth a nerve-wrecking, ear-piercing and partly high frequency focused take on unnerving, unsettling FreeJazz / Improv and the final "Exotic Cipher" indulges in a well intense fusion of FreeJazz piano / organ improv and unidentified, yet drilling high frequency electronics and beyond - even paying homage to 'Dr. Who' at a certain point - just to name a few. The Jazzfakers are not faking Jazz in this session. Rather they're redefining what the genres boundaries are, expanding those into yet uncharted territories. Highly eclectic, yet defo worth repeated listening sessions to take each and every aspect of this live performance in in full. Check.


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