Friday, April 09, 2021

Extrema Ratio - A Dangerous Method [ADN Records 023]

And now... to the extremes! Released via Italian label ADN Records only recently is "A Dangerous Method", the first mini-album / EP outing created by the experimental four piece that is Extrema Ratio. Visually Industrial leaning and lyrically pairing own works with adaptions of texts by controversial figures like Mao Tse-Tung or William S. Burroughs and coming at us with a wordy, well theoretical, yet rhetorically impactful layout of the groups concept presented on the album cover it becomes pretty clear pretty fast that Extrema Ratio are not here to play. With their members coming from different backgrounds in Hardcore, Punk, FreeJazz, Rock and Improv, all genres not lacking of extremes either, and driven by an ultimate will to explore musical boundaries and sub-niches Extrema Ratio cater a highly unique fusion of hyperintense screaming and brutally growling vocals, the muscular drum power and vibe of classic Hardcore whilst all guitar and bass riffing usually associated with the genre have been replaced by oftentimes shrieking, repetetive sax torture and underlying electronic effects to create a well demanding, yet highly recommended tour de force that's to be fully appreciated by those who have been seeking out sonic extremes for a reason - and probably for years and years at this point, with the only exception to this vibe overall being the haunting, slightly schizophrenic cut that is "Asthenic Rite" which serves another layer of innate paranoia. Most excellent stuff, this.

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