Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Kallo Moberg - The Tokyo Sessions Volume 2: Twist [Kamo Records 002]

Released via his very own imprint Kamo Records on March 19th, 2k21 is "The Tokyo Sessions Volume 2: Twist", the latest album release by Norwegian accordionist Kalle Moberg and the second one he recorded in Jim O'Rourke's Tokyo-based studio, this time alongside fellow international musicians Marty Holoubek, Joe Talia and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto on double bass and drums respectively. With five tracks rolled out over a total playtime of 39 minutes the group of artists continues on a path of intense FreeJazz and Improvisation, catering a thundering, demanding and more often than not hard to grasp ride through highly dynamic pieces and dramatic changes in both volume and pace, shrieking, gallopping and hypercomplex, yet fully improvised arrangements as well as short, spontaneous sonic eruptions and explorative trips into full on madness whereas pieces like "A Treacherously Bright Morning" weigh in more of an eerie, haunted and outerworldly feel for those who can endure it. An album not for the weak or faint-hearted, this.

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