Sunday, April 04, 2021

Tine Surel Lange - Works For Listening 1-10 [Sofa Music]

Put out on the circuit via the Norwegian imprint Sofa Music on March 19th, 2k21 is "Works For Listening 1-10" which is the longplay solo debut created by composer / artist Tine Surel Lange who's showcased her musical and installation works in the context of countless festival settings all over the globe over the globe over the course of her career. With "Works For Listening 1-10" Lange presents a total of, well... obviously, ten pieces, opening with the curiously titled "Metal And Spoon" and progressing further with mostly descriptively named compositions like "Roof Work I-III", "Wires", "Water And Stone" and others which are partially derived from altered and reprocessed Field Recordings and partially, at least seemingly, rooted in an electroacoustic compositional process. This said, Tine Surel Lange manages to create a spatial, somewhat surreal, calm and solemn sonic landscape in many of the tunes on this debut, with some even crossing over into the realm of Ambient, Dark Ambient and Electronica whereas especially the decontextualized and unprocessed Field Recordings found in "Roof Work I" or "Roof Work III" present dry, raw, abstract and oftentimes scraping, grinding, probably even violent shades and textures of Tine Surel Lange's sonic universe. A quite well varied, interesting firstling, this.

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