Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Nazareno Caputo - Phylum [Aut Records 070]

Coming in via mail from the headquarters of the Italian imprint Aut Records these days is "Phylum", the new, February 22nd, 2k21-released album created by trio-leading Nazareno Caputo alongside fellow musicians Ferdinando Romano and Mattia Galeotti. Taking the albums title from a scientific, particularly zoology- and botany-related taxonomic background the three artists involved cater a menu of nine tracks rolled out over the course of roughly 69 minutes playtime, tackling a playful, curious and oftentimes frolicking variation of Jazz basically built around the vibraphone as a well unusual, ethereal, yet percussive lead instrument accompanied by bass, percussion and drums to create deep, most beautifully floating Future Jazz pieces like the nightly "Adi", the rhythmically complex and polylayered, yet super intimate "Abside" which is our favorite cut on this album for a reasons whereas "Adam R." provides a take on tender, highly recommended late night minimalism in (Future)Jazz and "Phylum II" works its way from relative stripped down beginnings to complex, fast-paced and crystalline heights just to name a few. Defo an album that will surely resonate with an audience way beyond the Jazz scene due to its well comforting, yet well advanced atmosphere. Good stuff.


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