Monday, May 03, 2021

Jon Rose - State Of Play [ReR Megacorp]

Released via the longtime standing ReR Megacorp label this month is "State Of Play", the new, truly monumental album by 1951-born Australian musician Jon Rose which clocks in at well over 150 minutes total playtime in 2CD format, accompanied by massive linernotes and an in depth booklet catering detailed information on compositional processes and more. Presenting a total of 26 pieces on "State Of Play" - 19 of them on the first part dubbed 'Duo Improvisations' whilst CD2, 'A Selection From Recent Project' holds an additional seven, more extended bits - the album is a true homage to Rose's work in highly advanced Avantgarde Music featuring not only a heapload of collaborators as well as a wide array of obscure, rare or even self-invented instruments like various musical automatons, the thai pumpkin soup violin, nyckelharpa, impossible banjos as well as - sic!!! - The Sydney Harbour Bridge, data input from Wall Street traders and a 12-string clusterfuck violin amongst others. This being said, it is nearly impossible to describe the vast richness and oftentimes unique angle of Jon Rose's sound and compositional approach or even pick out a single favorite, yet if you are well versed in the field of Improv, Free Improv as well as FreeJazz, Contemporary Classical and a realm often described as 'new music' alongside bits of electroacoustic composition this truly is a hot contender for your 'must buy' extended album of the month for a reason.

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