Saturday, May 01, 2021

baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2k21

01. Centaur Jackson - Nigga Jazz [Yoruba Soul Records 014]
Osunlade and his alter ego Centaur Jackson are a relatively new discovery for me as I dismissed many of his records I came across in the past. Yet, stumbling upon the 2019 released "Nigga Jazz" EP, a six track 12" pressed on beautiful silver-grey'ish vinyl, only recently defo opened a door to his musical realm for me. And whilst a lot of SJW's and other snowflakes might feel very well offended by the releases title instantly without having done any background check on what's the angle Osunlade might be coming from I'd rather enjoy the fascinating fusion of dry, slightly Herbert'esque House music, Jazz, Swing, Broken Beat and slightly shuffled DeepHouse which makes up for one of the most soulful records I've bought in recent times. Good stuff.

02. Sascha Müller - Bones & Acid Vol. 1/2 [Bones & Acid]
See review for details...

03. Underground Resistance - Inspiration / Transition [UR 3000]
The UR camp has been on a bit of a re-release spree more recently so that was an opportunity to get hold of a clean copy of this classic 12" which I somehow had missed out on when it was originally released in 2002. Beautifully complex, melodic Detroit Techno goodness produced by Mad Mike Banks on the A-side whereas "Transition" with its slightly out of tune beat loops, tense and intense synth layers and, first and foremost, deep and inspirational lyrics is one of the rare tunes that oftentimes transcends the dancefloor and might be able to turn lives around for the better - or upside down, depending on one's individual perspective.

4. The D3VI7 - Amazonas [Eyes Wide Open Records 001]
See review for details...

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