Monday, April 26, 2021

Brüssel / Gratkowski / Ohlmeier / Seidel - TOC [Umland Records 039]

Presumably to be released via Umland Records in late spring, 2k21 as their 039 is "TOC", the first full length outing by this new group led by Cologne-based (Free)Jazz violonist Julia Brüssel and Wolfgang Seidel, founding member of famed German Punk band Ton Steine Scherben. Sculpted and brought to life in various sessions with the outfits additional members Lothar Ohlmeier and Frank Gratkowski "TOC" - short for: table of contents - caters a 46 minutes spanning journey in twelve individual parts which are sporting oftentimes quite tongue-in-cheek titles like "Kottbusser Toc", "Toctophon" and "High Toc" amongst others, bearing witness of the free and playful approach to a fusion of (Free)Jazz and Avantgarde-leaning electronics resulting in pieces like the score'esque, film noir fitting opener "To Come To" and its highly atmospheric successor that is "Tocotrienole" which, in its precisely executed minimalism, likely makes one forget that it's indeed a live improv affair and not a studio produced, digitally arranged album whilst "Toccata" takes improvised Jazz Noir to a new, spine-tingling level, "Atocha" pleases all fans and followers of elegic, and somewhat Italian-sounding, melodies in Classical music, "Slow Toc" gives off the outerworldliest, most creepy vibe and would be well suitable to be used scorewise in late night fake horror x mystery shows for several reasons whilst "Toctally" applies the idea of bustling, busy and playful FreeJazz to a more Classical leaning sound setting just to name a few. Avantgarde Music for those who know and once again a further step for the Umland Records label into previously widely unchartered territories.


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