Friday, April 30, 2021

Frode Haltli - Avant Folk II [Hubro Music]

Released on April 23rd, 2k21 via Hubro Music / Norway is Frode Haltli's "Avant Folk II", the successor to his 2018 album of the same name which we've also reviewed on these pages back in the days. Once again more or less centered around the distinct sound of the hardanger fiddle as well as accordion as lead instruments and brought to life through an approach of learning and remembering the phrasing and overall sound of the compositions on this album by ear and without any notation the album opens on a dense, maritime, yet uplifting note with "Doggerland" before taking a distinct turn mid-track, following a path of spatial electronic background textures and playful, explorative and more Jazz leaning micromotifs for a while before returning to its original vibe. The following "Nordly" dives deep into seas of tender, beautiful, yet minimalist melancholia, "Gravberget" lives off of tenderly plucked violin strings and an attitude of formal Folk dancing before drifting off into realms highly influenced by what might be identified as free-floating Psychedelic Rock  whereas "I Østen Som I Vesten (All Over The Place)" waves goodbye presenting a well surprising hint of somewhat Oriental vibes alongside more Psychedelic electric guitar solos and a tripping Improv climax for closing.

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