Saturday, May 08, 2021

Polski Piach - Poludnie [Gusstaff Records]

Another fresh one on the Polish Gustaff Records imprint is "Poludnie", the latest album outing by Warsaw's trio Polski Piach - a name which translates to 'Polish Sands' and probably refers to the groups influences which are cited as being '...the sands of the Mississippi Delta, the Sahara Desert and the Wisla river'. This being said - and taking into account the Mississippi area is associated with its special love for the Blues -, the April 30th, 2k21 released longplayer presents a roughly 61 minutes and eleven tracks spanning journey into exactly this - Blues, 100% Instrumental Blues to be even more exact. Sparse, yet never minimal. Without words, yet full of stories and meaning. Nightly, yet full of tension. Somewhat chill, yet presenting an underlaying plane of dark- and noir'esque-ness, garnished with bits of Jazz, a slow, heartbeat-like pulse and a timeless attitude that makes this album a worthwhile investment for now and ever. Plus: If Depeche Mode ever decide to record an all acoustic version of "Delta Machine" I personally would want it to sound like it this one. Recommended. Instant classic. Immediate favorite.


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