Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Sky Burial - Stations Of The Sun [Opa Loka Records]

Put on the circuit in recent days via Opa Loka Records is "Stations Of The Sun", the latest album outing created by Michael Page under his musical nom de guerre Sky Burial. With this album, coming in five 'stations' subsequently named "Stations Of The Sun I-V", his 2006-founded project embarks on a journey into the twilight zone in which tense Ambient, DarkAmbient and brooding (Neo)Cosmic / Synth sounds meet to form an atmospheric amalgamation oftentimes interrupted by eerie, uncanny and surely outerworldly sound of probably modular or Max/MSP generated origin, warped flickerings, percussive metallic clangs and scrapings, drifts into clean cut Electronica / IDM futurism for Space Night afficionados ("Stations Of The Sun II") or lowkey references stripped down Dub techniques in combination with ever present synth drones and ambient'ish mannerism, provides misty, melancholia-infused piano elegies whilst layering various communication recordings of probably questionable origin atop minimal, DarkAmbient-leaning low end movents and claustrophobic remnants of our digital society in a well Scanner'esque manner in "Stations Of The Sun V" for those who still cite tunes like "Mass Observation 3" as one of the most influential pieces in 90s electronic music for a reason. Well varied and therefore well interesting, this one.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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