Sunday, July 04, 2021

Anatoli Grinberg And Andreas Davids - Silence + Noise [Ant-Zen Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit on June 15th, 2k21 via the long standing Ant-Zen imprint is "Silence + Noise", the first ever collaborational album released by Anatoli Grinberg a.k.a. Tokee and Andreas Davids of Xotox-fame which, according to the accompanying press release, set out on a journey to explore the hidden meaning of silence and noise in our present as well as a dystopian future to come. Within six tracks and a total runtime of 42 minutes the duo caters a magmatic and ever floating variation of deeply melancholia-infused DarkAmbient pads paired with abstract sci-fi Industrial Electronica-leaning rhythm signatures in the opener "The Passage" whereas "Nuclear Chillout" pairs elements of Noize and fluttering IDM / Braindance - think: FSOL! - for advanced late night dancefloors and the monolithic "First Contact" presents an ever escalating layering of Rhythm Industrial-infused beats in combination with brooding, threatening tectonic shifts building up towards a state of claustrophobic unease without ever providing full relief or closure. Furthermore the "Pain Piano" brings on hypertension in the form of metallic clanging and mechanical / robotic movements evoking memories of a lost space station abandoned many millenia ago, "Mechanical Synchronicity" harks back to a deeper, yet somewhat dubbed out  DarkAmbient approach whilst the concluding cut examines "Strange Lifeforms" only to find a flock of friendly, playful and well curious, yet also radically inquisitive beings hidden in microscopic plainsight for a closing. Highly recommended. Plus: This should've been released on vinyl.


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