Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Tomasz Sroczynski - Symphony No. 2 / Highlander [Ici D'Ailleurs / Mind Travel Series]

Freshly released via the Ici D'Ailleurs Mind Travel Series on June 25th, 2k21 is "Symphony No. 2 / Highlander", the latest musical outing cooked up by young Polish composer Tomasz Sroczynski for the label. Within a total of four tracks and roughly 42 minutes runtime Sroczynski explores a sonic realm located in the grey area between Contemporary Classical / Modern Classical and experimental electronic music techniques, focusing on multilayered and slightly off-kilter violin loops in the fascinatingly large scale opener "Moderato Pastorale" whereas the follow up that is "Adagio" fully indulges in brooding, carefully arranged DarkAmbient meet Modern Classical streams and therefore is our favorite cut on this album, especially in its most romantic, most Wagnerian moments. Subsequently "Diablak" traverses into what might described as a fusion inspired by both medieval formal dances as well as melancholia-infused Nordic Folk paired up with looper sequences whilst the concluding cut that is "Highlander" drifts off into pure, floating and atmospheric Ambient beauty for genre purists and lovers. Lovely stuff.


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