Saturday, July 03, 2021

baze.djunkiii Charts 07/2k21

01. Bukkha & Nuphlo [Booyaka Sound 002]
Bass is the message and the message is bass on this three track 12" whitelabel which comes in a beautifully clean stamped white paper sleeve. Whilst the A-side comes at us with a deep complex Tribal Drum'n'Bass vibe which at some point reminded us of productions by the long gone Italian D'n'B project once known as Totem Vibes Cru the two tracks on the flip are on a more stepping, darker and surely more ominous tip for all the junglists out there.

02. Steve Bug - Loverboy [Poker Flat Recordings 226]
Steve Bug's "Loverboy" is a classic. Probably the first large scale MinimalHouse - or better: MinimalFunk as he once put it - hit ever. An anthem deeply engrained in the DNA of more than an entire generation of punters up to this day. Now reworked once again, carefully and respectfully by both Catz'n'Dogs as well as Acid Pauli that one specific "Loverboy" once will leave its mark on a new generation of club heads and ravers. And rightfully so.

03. Ramos & Supreme - The Journey Part 1 / Crowd Control [Hectic Records / Kniteforce Records]
Back to 1993 with a Kniteforce Records endorsed re-issue of two certified UK Hardcore / Darkside Breakbeat bangers. Originally put out on the circuit via the legendary Hectic Records imprint both "The Journey Part 1" and "Crowd Control" are still deadly as ever, causing havoc amongst the whistle crew and all dedicated Breakbeat ravers with their ever rolling drums, heavy stab signals and uplifting piano lines and highly energetic attitude. We're 100% in for this.

04. Freddy Fresh & Laura Grabb feat. Mark EG & The Tonewrecker - Analogical Mind 2 [DJ.ungle Fever 046]
Our man Freddy Fresh is back on DJ.ungle Fever, collaborating with Laura Grabb both under her real name as well as her Venechor alias and other artists on this eight track 12" which comes at DJs and collectors in various colour variations. Musically we're taken from heavy, fast and hard-hitting analog Acid / Techno to trippy Electro workouts and short experimental sketches with the bleeped out Acid ElectroPhonk fusion cut aptly named "Electroex" and the all spiralling "Analogical Mind 2" Svensyntetix RMX" being the ones that stand out as weapons of extraordinary dancefloor destruction.

05. Desert Sound Colony [Holding Hands 014]
The Darkness. Desert Sound Colony weighs in four uncompromising, heavily Rave-infused Bass Music cuts walking the line between Unformatted Breaks, raw original Breakbeat action, Jungle, UK Garage and Broken Techno - a deadly amalgamation of sounds, genres, samples and styles that's about to mash up many a dancefloor in the hand of experienced, boundary bending DJ's.

06. Rex Ronny & DJ Sotofett - Epidermis [Full Pupp 075 Testpress]
See review for details...

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