Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Marc Sarrazy / Laurent Rochelle - Cyclotimic Songs [Les Disques Linoleum 024]

Released on June 11th, 2k21 as 024 of the Le Disques Linoleum label is "Cyclotimic Songs", the new conceptual album created by Marc Sarrazy and Laurent Rochelle for the imprint. Basically following the idea of using pre-existing and probably even previously released material as raw sound source for radical reassembly and re-arrangements the duo creates an entirely new album of ten songs / compositions merging the idea of Plunderphonics, Leftfield Pop and electronic music to a remarkable degree from the very start of the Dub-heavy opener "Fantomastic" onwards which is nothing short of a late night banger on advanced dancefloors, progressing into the deep, noir'esque DeepHouse x Spoken Word vibe of "L'heure De S'enivrer", the dark and fully jazzed out Piano Dub of "Sad Hill Rendez-vous" before "Comme Une Vague" brings a swinging variation of TripHop back again - think Spacer in Dub for a reference, plus vocals. Furthermore "Moving In Circles" brings us back to multilayered piano loops, swing and jazzy vocals provided by Manel Cheniti, "Talking To Malkovich" is another reference to the dark'ish, stripped down and inward looking TripHop variation once popularized by acts like Spacer and so is the even darker, hyper tense atmospheric minimalism of "Buffalo IV". The subsequent "Blue Funeral" caters more of a funky Downbeat vibe with a Spoken Word twist, "Calcutta Western" focuses on Dope Beatz and perfectly executed scratches for all HipHop headz as well as fans of outstanding acts like DJ Krush whereas the concluding "Lobotomy Nostalghia" pairs the Dope Beat approach with live drumming and haunting late night atmospheres for a closing. Excellent. Get.

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